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The Smoky Mountains offer motorcyclists a phenomenal way to enjoy their favorite pastime surrounded by both rugged and pastoral beauty. The Smokies are so popular with motorcycle and high performance cars enthusiasts that clubs come from around the US and Canada here trailering their bikes or they may even ride their favorite toys the whole way here to take on the mighty roads of the Smoky Mountains.

Extreme motorcycle riding in the Tail of the Dragon on US 129 in North CarolinaExtreme motorcycle riding in the Tail of the Dragon US 129 in NC / TN pushes riders to the limit.


The tail of the dragon just south of the western end of the Smoky Mountains National Park and the finished sections of the Foothills Parkway offer the most exciting rides in the Smokies but beware - neither of these runs are suitable for underpowered motorcycles. In inclement weather or when ridding past your skill level or experience these roads have become deadly.

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Bikers love riding the tail of the dragon in North Carolina
Most Bikers love riding the Tail of the Dragon.

The main roads in the Smoky Mountains national park such as Newfound Gap (441), and Laurel Creek are also exceptional for riding as long as you let the more aggressive drivers behind you pass. These roads are also not suitable for scooters due to the steep grades and relatively fast moving traffic

The Cades Cove loop motor trail can be fun on a large motorcycle but it's best done with a big bike in the off season when you wont be slowed down by excessive traffic and "bear jams". Small bikes in Cades Cove can be a blast but it is best to trailer them to the loop entrance rather then ride them through the park.

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